The Russian Federation, by means of “pressure and blackmail”, has been trying to deprive Ukraine of its right to put the issue of Holodomor of 1932-33 for consideration of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to the Foreign Ministry’s press-service, on October 23 of the current year, the General Committee of the UN General Assembly, upon debates, put off the adoption of recommendations on putting the Holodomor issue on agenda of the current UN General Assembly session.

“The Russian Federation, using its gears of influence as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, by means of an open blackmail and pressure, is trying to deprive a UN member country of its right to put an important for it issue on the agenda of UN, the most reputed world organization. Such actions are contrary to the spirit and letter of the UN Statute, as well as to the procedure of the General Assembly”, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry emphasizes.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stresses that the unconstructive position of the Russian Federation is contrary to the attitude of the world community to the Holodomor tragedy. “In particular, it is reflected in the Resolution on Holodomor unanimously adopted by the European Parliament on October 23 of the current year. The Resolution recognizes Holodomor as an appalling crime against the Ukrainian people, and against humanity.  The text then "strongly condemns these acts, directed against the Ukrainian peasantry, and marked by mass annihilation and violations of human rights and freedoms".

Ukraine continues its work on putting the Holodomor issue on the agenda of the UN General Assembly.