The Kyiv Central Geophysical Observatory at the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency has publicized results of its study into air pollution in the Ukrainian capital.

The highest concentration of harmful substances in Kyiv was recorded in the Obolonskiy Avenue, Shulyavka district, the Lessia Ukrayinka Boulevard, and Bessarabka district. These districts are followed by the level of pollution by the Moskovska Square, Svyatoshyn subway station, and the Peremohy Square. According to the experts, the main source of air pollution is motor-transport. On the whole, the level of air pollution in the city was assessed as high, though the air got somehow cleaner due to September rains.

The least level of pollution was recorded at the territory of Expocenter Ukrayiny, Hydropark, in the Lazo Street, and near Bahrynova Mountain.

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