The Somali pirates who seized the Faina ship and took the crew hostage have threatened to kill the hostages and set the ship on fire if no ransom is paid within 24 hours, Somali radio said on Monday. The hostages have been suffering from food shortages, it said, Itar-Tass reported.

More than 50 bandits are keeping the crew hostage on board the Faina surrounded by NATO ships. The bandits on board have also confronted hardships and therefore, insist on the soonest fulfillment of their demands.

The Faina sailing under Belize colors was seized off Somalia’s coast on September 25 on the way from Oktyabrsk in the Ukrainian Nikolayev region to Kenyan Mombassa. The ship carried 33 T-72 tanks and other military equipment. Two Russian nationals, a Latvian national and 17 Ukrainians are on board.

Meanwhile, Kenyan Radio Broadcasting Corporation reported that different pirates sailing in three high-speed boats had attempted to seize a ship registered in Singapore that was heading for Kenyan Mombassa. The pirates attempted to seize the ship when it was already in Kenyan territorial waters. The ship captain made some successful maneuvers and avoided collision with the pirate boats. The ships reached the Kenyan seacoast and remains there under protection of Kenyan Air Force.