Russian politician Irina Khakamada advises Ukrainians not to kick up a fuss, in any case not to transfer money into cash, and not to buy currency.

She said this in Shuster Live TV-program at Ukrayina television.

“I advise you not to fuss and not to fidget, because, in a difficult situation, every person believes that he is rescuing his own money when he takes it from banks, and everything will be good. But if everybody does so, the money will turn into dust. As a result, a crisis will slide and hit those who took their money from banks. In any case, not to transfer money into cash… The second, very important, is not to buy different currencies. Everything that you see on TV today – all those ratings of national currencies soaring, dollar, euro, shares – have nothing in common with real economics. Those are speculative games. Only powerful players can play it. So, if you have any means in hryvnias, in dollars or euro – keep it as it is”.

Irina Khakamada proposes to save up considering the crisis. “If you have winter tyres on your car, and, theoretically, you need to replace it… But, actually, it’s still good… If you do not replace it, it will be no catastrophe for you life. If you may not replace it, don’t. Imagine, you promised your wife to buy a fur coat for birthday – just wait…”