One of the major changes has long been applied in different countries. When a car is stopped by police, the driver must stay in the car and keep both hands visible - on a steering wheel. Then they can open the window and hand over their driver's license to the police, Ukraine Today reports.

If drivers curse or swear at police officers or do not obey commands, they can be fined. If they escape the crime scene, their license can be revoked.

After the Dnipro police officers murder, the Interior Ministry is very persuading that these changes are obviously necessary, to facilitate police work.

A person who is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and is stopped by the police, for example, at night, can be examined without attesters using a police service camera.

For minor law violations, a person can be detained for up to three hours now. The draft provides for a 24-hour detention until the court decides.

In general, the new document gives more rights to police officers, however, as lawmakers say responsibilities of cops will also be higher. Officers must be punished for unprofessionalism while performing their duties. For example, in a case of use of excessive force in self-defence while arresting a criminal.

All the suggestions are preliminary and will be further discussed to reach a common public consensus.

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