The NAPC are now preparing a procedure for auditing, she said on 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

"This is the proposal that we consider, so that we could better monitor their lifestyle and verify data from their declarations on property. Therefore, cooperation in this framework was suggested. We are drafting the procedure for auditing ahead of our next meeting, hoping to adopt it in the near future. As of today, we have the right to verify data from e-declarations in terms of logical and arithmetic control. We are now concentrating all efforts on the issue of the officials breaching the deadline for the submission of e-declarations," she said.

Read alsoUkraine should expand NABU powers following publication of e-declarations – U.S. ambassadorIn addition, Korchak added that the ministry had already received complaints.

"We have an appeal from the Presidential Administration, which clearly shows who has not filed their declarations. The relevant information also comes from the judiciary. The NAPC has the right to establish a 10-day deadline for submission of declarations and demand explanation over the reasons for the late submission of declarations," the NAPC chief said, adding that the violators are subject to administrative penalties for failing to meet the deadlines for no good reason.