On Monday, November 17, Ukrainians will have a unique opportunity to see a spectacular cosmic phenomenon of meteor shower. According to astronomers, falling stars will be seen on the night of November 17 –18. The meteor shower is expected to start after the midnight. Nearly 10-20 meteors an hour will fall before the dawn, at around 3-5 a.m..

“Our planet is entering a dense meteor zone, so we will be able to watch burning and exploding bolides in the dark time of day. Most better is to watch this phenomenon outside the city, where there are no sources of light”, says Artem Bilyk, head of the Center for Abnormal Space Phenomena Studies at the National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI).

However, one will be able to watch the beauty of meteor shower only if the weather conditions will be favorable. “Such phenomena happen twice every year – in August and in November. But this shower is not always that strong. As a rule, a strong meteor shower happens once every 33 years”, says Yuri Taranukha, chief engineer of the astronomic observatory at the National University named after T.Shevchenko.