Ex-player of the Ukrainian national football team Andriy Gusin has witnessed on the case of poisoning presidential contender Victor Yushchenko. Besides, investigators issued same summons for another two famous football players – Andriy Shevchenko and Kakha Kaladze, Kommersant daily reports.

“Yes, it really took place”, Andriy Gusin confirmed to the daily that he was interrogated on the case. However, he refused to go into any other detail having noted that he undertook not to disclose the secret of investigation. “Of course, it’s an absurd, but what can I do? They told me to come – and I came… Seems to me they’ve moving towards a wrong direction”, Gusin said.

According to the information of the daily, the three football players are close friends with Tamaz Tsintsabadze, an owner of a Kyiv premium-class automobile sales center and a participant of the notorious dinner at the cottage of SBU ex-deputy head Volodymyr Satsiuk on September 5, 2004, when, by the main version of the investigation, Victor Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin.