"We have built a really unique drone. This large copter can fly for several hours, covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers, and take on board dozens of kilograms of load. No kidding and no bragging - this thing is fantastic, and it has really been designed and produced in Ukraine," Kasyanov wrote on Facebook.

In addition, the test launches have confirmed the correctness of calculations and announced performance characteristics.

Read alsoUkrainian "Bolt" out of the blue"The device can be used for military purposes as a carrier of various weapons - guided and unguided missiles, remotely controlled machine-gun emplacements, radar stations, systems of electronic warfare, systems for mine clearance, ammo delivery, and signals relay. In the long term, it could deal with WIA evac missions and deployment of spec-op forces," said the volunteer.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the ATO forces in Donetsk region had neutralized an Orlan-10 UAV of the Russian armed forces.