Zhytomyr has a chance to prove its age by scientific means. First archaeological digging has finished at the very heart of the one-thousand-year-old town, at Zamkova hill. Now scientists are studying the artifacts, these should help to set the exact period of the founding of Zhytomyr. The first findings support the legends about establishing the town in the 9th century, Ukraine Today reports.

To start with, archaeologists go in for a big wash and soak. They soaking the findings in buckets with a special solution. After cleaning, the objects can be studied further. Here are old coins, clayware, ceramic tiles, and pipes. The most important artifacts are bronze buttons made in the 13th century, fragments of glassware and windows of Kyiv Rus period.

Historians are pretty sure the findings will prove there was a fairly substantial city here back in Kyiv Rus times. Zhytomyr was first mentioned in written sources in the 14th century. Now scientists hoping to find out more about its history.

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