At a joint press conference with Oleh Rybachuk, the newly appointed Chief of Staff, Viktor Baloha, said he believed the Secretariat should work “in a progressive manner” and thanked his predecessor, according to the President’s press-office.

      “I believe everything Oleh Borysovych [Rybachuk] has achieved is useful. He will help me to make my work more efficient,” he said.

      Mr. Baloha thinks it is necessary to revise relations within the President’s powers.

      “I am convinced we are capable of securing the implementation of the presidential program. We have authority and political will for that,” he said, adding that it was vital to observe the National Unity Pact.

      When asked if he would appoint any new people, Mr. Baloha said: “I have deputies now and I am not going to replace them. But there will be some essential changes, and I will invite many of my colleagues, including those I worked with in the government led by Yuriy Yekhanurov.”