Tymoshenko may easily kook two dishes: boiled eggs and broth of it

12:51, 04 December 2008
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Tymoshenko`s ex-spokesman shares impressions

Tymoshenko is an absolute and complete workaholic, according to BYuT leader’s former spokesman MP Vitaliy Chepinoha. The politician disclosed to Fakty daily that Yulia Tymoshenko rarely leaves her workplace in the Cabinet of Ministers sooner than midnight.

“It’s interesting to work with her, though it’s rather hard. Her energy needs several staffed teams that would work on a duty basis – once every three days… Sometimes she says that she’s fed up and wants to have a rest. But I know that’s not true. She never does know how to rest. For her, a rest is a burden. That is why we practically have no weekends. Recently, at a regular session, Sasha Abdullin (BYuT faction MP) presented the Prime Minister a calendar and reminded that holidays are marked with red. Yulia Tymoshenko pretended as if she did not understand the joke… One day, when Yulia Tymoshenko was heading the parliament’s budget committee, we were working over her speech for half a night. And at half past three, Yulia Tymoshenko says: “ok, everybody is tired, you need to have a rest and sleep well, and let’s gather at me at seven in the morning…” This is how we work – we sleep in standing position and dressed…”, the lawmaker said.

The correspondent asked about culinary skills of the Prime Minister. The MP said: “I can easily imagine Yulia Volodymyrivna in different roles, except for housewife. A women’s magazine once proposed Yulia Tymoshenko to write for a rubric called like “Receipts from the Prime Minister”. The idea died at birth, because the Prime Minister said her receipts will be enough  just for two dishes that she can easily kook: boiled eggs and a broth of it”.

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