Some 78.8% of Ukrainians faced problems due to the financial-economic crisis. These are the results of a poll carried out by the Gorshenin Institute and forwarded to UNIAN.

According to the results of the poll, some 18.1% did not suffer from the crisis, and some 3.1% of those polled could answer the question.

The Institute noted that it was a third stage of the investigation that allowed establishing the change of consumer opportunities of Ukrainians compared to the first two waves of the investigation, which took place in October and November of the current year.

The experts pointed out that the crisis is taking a turn for the worse. According to them, the number of respondents who suffered from crisis increased by some 10% over the last two weeks. In Particular, at the previous stage of the poll, some 69.2% of those polled said they suffered from the crisis.

The third stage of the investigation was carried out by the Gorshenin Institute by means of a telephone interrogation during November 27 – December 2 of the year 2008 in 25 Oblast centers of Ukraine. The error margin does not exceed 3.4%.