Man from Ukraine forced to beg in Stockholm

10:36, 08 December 2008
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He was forced to do the begging for 14 hours per day

A man from Ukraine without arms was lured into a mafia league who forced him to beg for money in Sweden.

The Swedish public television SVT writes on their news page that the man was tempted to travel from Ukraine to a ´job´ in Moscow. Instead he was drawn into a league of human trafficing.

He was travelling around Europe and finally came to Sweden. Here he was put in a Swedish couple in Uppsala.

In Sweden he was forced to beg in the streets in Uppsala and Stockholm.

They took his passport but also his arm prosthesis. This meant that he was totally dependent on them to eat and drink.

The police says to SVT that the man was given alcohol and was also abused. He was forced to do the begging for 14 hours per day.

Finally the man succeded to go to the police in Stockholm and tell his story. Now five persons are procecuted for kidnapping and human trafficing.

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