Poland’s Sports Minister Miroslaw Drzewicki has flown to Kyiv for a meeting with the Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister to discuss the Euro 2012 to be co-hosted by the two countries.

 The Ukrainian Deputy PM, Ivan Wasunyki and Sports Minister Juri Pawlenka are responsible for organizing the UEFA European Football Championship to be co-hosted by Poland and the Ukraine in 2012.

 Pawlenko told Polish Radio that participating Ukrainian cities are preparing for the championship games – in Dnipropetrovsk, the stadium is finished and in Donetsk, a modern new stadium will be finished in several months.

 The Ukrainian Minister of Sports also stated that the capital city of Lviv, might encounter the biggest problems as the building of a new stadium has not been completed and airport modernizations have yet to begin.

 Poland began reconstruction on the National Stadium, located in Warsaw, last month in preparation for the games’ opening match.

Polskie Radio