"The cyber attack on December 6 put out of action the network of the State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, caused disruption of the treasury service of managers and recipients of budget funds and created an emergency in the system, which processes 150,000 e-transactions per day," Poroshenko said at the NSDC session dedicated to the basic principles of the information security, first of all threats to cyber security and their neutralization, as well as urgent measures on the protection of critical infrastructure of Ukraine, the press service reported.

"Today, the issue of cyber security is among main challenges discussed at the NATO summits and our commissions. A special trust fund has been established. Thus, putting forward the issue of cyber security at the NSDC session today is absolutely topical," the President noted. He added that those threats concerned not only the ministries and gave an example of interference in the work of "Ukrzaliznytsia."

The Head of State emphasized that the investigation of several incidents indicated the direct or indirect involvement of secret services of Russia, which had unleashed a cyberwar against our country. He also noted that Russia conducted such aggressive actions in cyberspace against other countries as well. Particularly, USA faced the same problem, Chief of the German Intelligence announced plans of Russian hackers to affect the election results in Germany, Swedish secret services publicly recognized Russia the main source of cyberattacks on their country.

"We are dealing with the global security challenge of Russia to the entire Euro-Atlantic community," Poroshenko said.

Read alsoUkraine Defense Ministry website down: cyberattack reportedThe President reminded that in the late 2015 – early 2016, cyber attacks had been made on the energy sector objects, nuclear power stations and Boryspil airport.

Poroshenko also reminded that a group of armed persons in the area of Zaporizhzhia NPP had been detained. He also recalled subversive actions on the ground high-pressure gas pipeline "Bohorodchany – Dolyna" in Ivano-Frankivsk region and "Urenhoy – Pomary – Uzhhorod" in Poltava region. In addition, there have been purposeful actions of terrorist groups aimed to disrupt functioning and destroy industrial objects, transport infrastructure, electricity, gas and water supply facilities. First of all, they have been concentrated in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

"As for today, terrorist attacks and subversive actions in the objects of critical infrastructure are still possible. It is good that we have built a professional Security Service, which can prevent such threats. But we need interagency coordination," Poroshenko emphasized adding that it was important to exchange experience with the countries-partners.