Ukrainian 'cannibal' chops up girlfriend for vodka snacks

12:37, 12 December 2008
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A 28-year-old man has been detained in southern Ukraine

A 28-year-old man has been detained in southern Ukraine after killing and then cutting up his girlfriend for "vodka snacks," media reports said on Friday.

The murder, which is said to have shocked even hardened local investigators, happened in a rural area in the Mykoliav Region.

The suspect, identified only as Viktor, had lived with his girlfriend for three years. He told police that they had begun arguing after she accused him of drinking more than his fair share of the bottle of vodka they were sharing.

In response, Viktor grabbed a knife, and, as he told investigators, "stabbed her in the right neck (sic), seized her by the hair, dragged her onto the floor, and stabbed her in the left neck. And then I started to cut her throat."

He then, "cut off some of her breasts and buttocks, chucked them in the saucepan, and went to sleep."

When he woke up after having sobered up, he called the police. The officers who arrived discovered his girlfriend`s body parts in the saucepan. Viktor is said to have told them he had run out of snacks to go with the vodka. However, he could give no further explanation as to his actions.

Psychiatrists have declared him mentally fit to stand trial. One theory is that he committed the murder during a severe case of delirium tremors, which can occur after a heavy period of drinking and no food.

Local psychiatrist Yuriy Irkhin told the NTN TV channel that, "The unconscious mind gives birth to monsters."

RIA Novosti

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