Within 30 days, the reservists are to improve their tactical skills, first aid, engineering, and fire training, as well complete a professional study program, combat coordination in squadrons, battalions, and brigades during exercises.

It is reported that over 1,000 reservists from all regions of Ukraine have been deployed.

Read alsoGeneral Staff to conscript about 4,000 reserve officers under 'mobilization'"Given the experience already gained, the reservists of the operational reserve will be stationed in a field camp equipped for comfortable accommodation of personnel, with field kitchens, baths, firecoal, firewood and fuel briquettes," the press service said.

According to the report, after the arrival of reservists, they will be sent to training centers, where they will improve their skills in training units within 15 days. After that, tactical exercises with live firing will be held at one of the ranges, which will sum up the training.