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"Avdiyivka now has electricity! Chairman of Donetsk regional administration Pavlo Zhebrivsky has just reported the power supply in Avdiyivka has resumed," the president tweeted on Sunday evening.

Poroshenko wrote later on Facebook, thanking the government, the emergencies service and the army.

Read alsoDonbas war: Offensive against Ukraine near Avdiyivka on Saturday successfully repelled"I'm grateful for coordinated work of the Ukrainian government, the State Service for Emergency Situations, great Ukrainian troops who have done everything possible in order to prevent the Russian Federation from causing a humanitarian disaster and destabilizing the situation both in Avdiyivka and along the front line," he wrote.

Russian troops and Russia-controlled local armed groups on January 29 started massive attacks on the Ukrainian-held town of Avdiyivka in occupied Donbas, using heavy artillery systems and Grad multiple rocket launchers.

Read alsoMilitants fire on electricians amid repair works near Avdiyivka On January 30, the power lines were damaged and the power supply was cut off amid shelling, causing problems with water and heat supplies. Donetsk filtration station suspended its work.

On February 4, repair groups again arrived at the site to fix the power line near Avdiyivka, but the work did not start because the occupiers had opened direct fire on them. No casualties were reported.