Ukraine denies sale of sophisticated radar to Iran

19:02, 29 September 2006
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President`s advisor called this report "baseless"

Kiev on Friday ruled out certain media reports that it wants to sell Kolchuga early warning radar systems to Iran, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

      A member of Ukraine`s Presidential Office and military advisor of President Viktor Yushchenko on Friday called the report "baseless." He stressed that Ukraine has not delivered any sophisticated radar system to Iran.

      The Kolchuga is intended to detect the take-off and formation of aircraft groups at ranges beyond those of existing radars, as well as determine the course and speed of targets while designating them for air-defence systems.

      It can identify aerial targets through their emissions and identify the mode of aircraft weapon control systems.

      Meanwhile a source at Ukraine`s Foreign ministry, denying sale of Kolchuga equipment to Iran, noted that similar reports had already been released on sale of the radar systems to Iraq.

      In 2001-2002 the country was alleged to have illegally sold the smart equipment to Saddam Hussein`s regime.

      However, having launched military operation in Iraq, the US admitted that they were false allegations against Ukraine. None of such equipment was found in the territory of Iraq, the US proved.

      Jane`s Defence Weekly (JDW) reported on Friday Ukraine had sold Kolchuga radio intelligence complexes to Iran.

      According to experts, acquirement of such equipment has been aimed at reinforcement of anti-aircraft defence.

      The military system was designed in the former Soviet era and each set of it is sold for dlrs 25 million.

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