The Ukrainian video has followed other countries' trendsetting introduction clips, first made by the Dutch "Zondag Met Lubach" TV show, which released its "The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words" after the U.S. president's inauguration on January 20.

"Unlike [a video produced] by Germans, Italians, Austrians and many others who have produced similar clips, our welcoming has become a song," TSN said.

"Dear Mr. President, welcome to this introduction video about Ukraine. It is going to be a great video. It's gonna be absolutely fantastic," the song performed in a rapping style begins its narration.

"We stand against Russian aggression on the eastside," it continues about challenges faced by Ukraine. "No, they [terrorists from Russia] cannot beat us. Can't do it. Losers."

A "politically sensitive" topic of languages in Ukraine, which is a favorite tool of Russian propagandists inciting language-based hatred, was also mentioned: "Russian is not even a real language. It's fake! It's a fake language."

Then the video boasts the Ukrainian wall in Bucha, which is even "greater" than the Mexico wall, one of the commitments Trump undertook during his election campaign.

"This is Bucha. The city near the capital. It's small, but it has a great, great wall that ex-officials and their relatives built to protect themselves. Protect from… not water, not animals but from common people. And they made those people pay for it. The tremendous wall. Nobody builds walls better than we do. You should keep in mind, thinking about Mexicans. Help us help you, OK?" the song goes on.

The most popular theme about Ukraine – corruption – has also gotten into the song: "People tell us, very important people, they tell us we've got one of the highest levels of corruption in the whole world. It's just unbelievable!"

It concludes: "We totally understand it's going to be America first. But can we just say: Ukraine second?"

"Glory to Ukraine," a traditional Ukrainian greeting and slogan, wraps the rapper's song up.