Ivan Plachkov about gas relations with Russia

14:09, 19 January 2009
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The gas relations are...

Ivan Plachkov, Fuel-Energy Minister of Ukraine in three governments of Valeriy Pustovoytenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Yuri Yekhanurov, answered to UNIAN’s questions: Ivan Vassylyovych, Ukraine proposed Russia to fix the gas price at $ 192.6 – 218.8 for a thousand cubic meters, and the price of transit at $2.2-2.47. Was it an adequate proposal?

 The gas relations are much more complicated than merely prices on transit and natural gas. Another ten of protocols is signed. Who would buy gas from Ukraine, only Naftohaz or somebody else, for instance, other affiliated structures of Gazprom. Who, for instance, Gazpromexport, would sell the gas to, and at what price, what is the system of joint use of gas depositories, etc.. All these are a complex of issues to be solved, and only after they are settled, they may begin to agree the price.

Everything depends on the volume of gas we buy and transport. At present it’s difficult for me to speak about parameters of the price. I recall the year 2006, when the situation was more complicated, it was also called a gas war. Russia cut us from gas supplies, but before that the gas price made up $50 for a thousand cubic meters, with transit at $1.09. In the course of talks we agreed the gas price of $95, and the price of transit at $1.6. And, in fact, those were fair prices, which were criticized, because that happened before the parliamentary election, and the government was dismissed. But I believe those prices were optimal. It’s difficult to forecast what prices we will have, but the price of gas and the price of transit must be considered as a complex.

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