The meeting of Nadra bank shareholders, which was scheduled for January 24, did not take place due to the lack of shareholders register. Narodni Reyestry close corporation, which is the registrar of Nadra Bank OJSC, disclosed this to UNIAN.

“We sent them the register of shareholders, in line with which shareholders must have been registered, as usual, with a courier to Kyiv, by train on January 23. The train arrived in Kyiv at 6.17 a.m. on January 24, and the courier handed the documents to a Nadra bank representative. As far as I understood, they received absolutely other package of documents than they expected. We sent by a courier one package of documents, and in Kyiv they say they received even two packages that were absolutely different”, Narodni Reyestry CEO Symon Hereta said to UNIAN.

According to S.Hereta, at present Nadra is carrying out its own investigation into the accident.

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Nadra bank confirmed to UNIAN that the meeting of shareholders failed to take place on January 24.

Earlier RosUkrEnergo owner Dmytro Firtash had claimed that the meeting of shareholders on Jan 24 was due to consider his becoming a shareholder of the bank.