Photo from UNIAN

The law enforcers have sufficient evidence proving that upon the orders from Russia, the suspects popularized the ideas of the so-called "Galician separatism," distributing material with appeals to economic and political separation of the Western Ukrainian regions. The organization’s leader personally prepared and published in the media articles in support of terrorist organizations “DPR” and “LPR,” as well as of the anti-Ukrainian policies of the Russian Federation in the international arena.

During searches, SBU operatives seized computer hardware with evidence of the organization leader’s online correspondence with his Russian supervisors and pro-Russian activists from Ukraine and beyond.

Read alsoCyber-espionage group uses microphones and Dropbox to spy on Ukrainian targetsAmong his active contacts is a former Ukrainian journalist and political expert, the initiator of the creation of the so-called "Bessarabian People's Rada" Artem Buzyla, who has been evading Ukrainian justice for some time. According to  the data available, he maintains constant contacts with the team of Vladislav Surkov, an adviser to the Russian president.

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