Starting from their first grade, children in Luhansk learn the history of "LPR" group, which Ukraine has recognized as terrorist organization, Donbas Realities reported.

As early as the fifth grade, they might be even given an opportunity to hold automatic rifles.

"Terra incognito," or “pure land” in Latin – this is how psychologists characterize a child's brain. Kids cannot independently analyze incoming information. Leaders of "LPR" and "DPR" terrorist organizations seem to be well aware of this fact, as they start molding childrens’ perception of the ongoing events since kindergarten.

Видео дня

In local propaganda news, they show the Russians bringing toys to Luhansk children. However, among these toys there are toycars with the marking of the Russian army.

The news crew shows kids singing a song to their guests as sign of gratitude, just as their supervisors have taught them. A nice melody can’t hide the haunting lyrics, calling their peers to “march” and “join the army".

"If there is some enemy, they should be depicted as some scary horny devil, who is chasing kids with a pitchfork, you must unite and fight this enemy. This is manipulating primitive emotions, very simple ones,” child psychologist Oleh Chaban explains.

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"If properly prepared, they could be turned into terrorists, like in the Islamic State. We see how those children are being educated now, and later they might as well be taught how to kill an “ukrop” or blow up a bridge. Accordingly, we will see this in real life and it will be difficult to deal with these people," says Denys Bohush, a political scientist.

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