Some 37% of respondents have a positive attitude to the United States compared to 25% a year ago and 19% two years ago, the Levada Center said.

There is also a positive trend in relation to the European Union: 36% of Russians are now positive about it (compared to 25% in 2015), but 53% have a negative attitude, yet, their share fell from 2015 when it was 64%.

Read alsoPoll shows more Ukrainians support NATO, dislike RussiaThere is also a better attitude to Ukraine: 34% of respondents speak positively about it compared to 25% in 2016, while 56% (previously 59%) are negative about it.

As for Belarus and China, there are quite different figures: 79% and 78% of respondents, respectively, feel positive about these countries. A mere 13% of those polled have a negative attitude. A total of 47% of Russians feel good about Turkey, while 34% are negative.

As for the attitude toward Russia and the Russians abroad, 33% of the respondents believe that foreigners "began to be more afraid of it", and 12% say that "more hate Russia." Every fifth (19%), on the contrary, believes that Russia gained more respect in the past year. Every tenth (10%) claims there is more understanding of Russia.

In general, according to the respondents, Russia is the source of concern in the West (22%), fear (21%), contempt (14%), respect (15%), and sympathy (4%).

The poll was conducted March 31 through April 3, 2017. A total of 1,600 people aged from 18 were questioned in 48 regions of Russia. The poll's margin of error is no more than 3.4%.