The International Monetary Fund is concerned about serious problems in the Ukrainian economics.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, director of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund Marek Belka said this during a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko in Kyiv on Thursday.

According to him, a visit by an IMF European department director to a country where an IMF mission is already working is not common practice. M.Belka pointed out it is a signal that “we are concerned about serious problems in the Ukrainian economics”.

The IMF department director noted that the main problem is to decide what measures should be taken to smooth over the gap of financing, which appeared due to the budget deficit.

In his turn, Victor Yushchenko thanked the IMF mission for its common work with Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine is in a difficult situation now due to problems with budget and credit liabilities. At the same time, the President expressed a belief that Ukraine is able to make decisions to minimize the problems.