The National Police wrote the recommendations were aimed to ensure a comfortable and safe stay in Ukraine for all Eurovision guests, according to the message released on its website.

The set of safety tips and other pieces of advice consists of general recommendations as well as tips for those traveling with children, willing to rent a vehicle, or encountering threatening situations during their visit. 

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General pieces of advice for your travel to Ukraine:

- Always carry your identity documents, preferably national passport with you;

- In case you are traveling by car, please also take your driver's license, the vehicle registration certificate and the car insurance policy;

- In case you are traveling by public transport, please buy tickets only at ticket offices at airports, bus or train stations, or via official mobile applications uploaded from the AppStore, GooglePlay, MicrosoftStore etc.;

- Use only licensed accommodations (hotels, hostels, apartments) for overnight stay;

- Do not leave your belongings unattended;

- Use only banking institutions for currency exchange;

- Avoid staying in deserted places, especially in the evening;

- Avoid contacting aggressive mobs. If it is impossible to avoid such contact, please show no fear, minimize communication and be polite, do not react on provocations and try to leave this place. In case of danger do not hesitate to make a noise and escape;

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- Do not drink alcohol in public places (streets, parks, stadiums, railway stations, airports, public transport etc.), while driving or with strangers.