The video is titled “Meet the real Ukraine” and shows Kyiv and Ukraine without idealizing them. Along with the beautiful bird’s-eye views of the city, the video contains footage from the Donbas war.

Read alsoUkraine includes video with Crimea landscapes in Eurovision 2017 promo clip"There is no such thing as an ideal world, where everyone is happy and smiling ... There is no world where everyone is healthy, where children are not left behind. Where there are no wars and lies ... Just like there is no world without beauty, love, happiness and truth ... A world in which just one side of this prevails is unreal and incomplete: there is no harmony in it; everything that is one-sided lacks harmony. Everything that is one-sided is untrue," the creators say.

The team of directors, editors, and cameramen from various TV channels and production studios, led by director and creative producer Natalia Pyatyhina, have volunteered to contribute to the project for free.