A recent survey revealed that the majority of Ukrainians believe that President Viktor Yushchenko, whose term ends next year, should step down now, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported on Tuesday.

According to the poll, carried out by Kiev International Institute for Sociology, just under 70% of Ukrainians believe Yushchenko should leave his post, whereas just over 19% believe he should stay.

When asked if Yushchenko should be impeached, just over 56% of those polled were in favor with almost 27% against.

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In the same survey, respondents were asked about the country`s prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, and whether she should step down. The results showed that just over 43% were in favor of her stepping down, whereas just over 45% believe she should remain in office.

The poll was carried out between January 29 and February 5 and involved a sample of 1642 respondents from around the country with a 3.7% margin of error.

UNIAN, RIA Novosti