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Congratulating the attendees in front of the Presidential Administration, Poroshenko noted that the given holiday has already become profoundly symbolic for the people of Ukraine, as three years ago they defended their European future, the press service said.

"Today, representatives of our glorious youth from Kyiv, Luhansk, Lviv stand together with me. In 2013, they summoned the European Maidan – Maidan, which demonstrated a sincere desire of the Ukrainian nation to move to Europe, change the country, adopt and sign the association with the European Union, ensure deep and comprehensive free trade area. And the movement of these youngsters has been immediately backed by millions of young Ukrainians," Poroshenko emphasized.

"I am grateful to the activists who attended this event, to thousands and thousands of young men and women for their sincere willingness to change the country, make Ukraine closer to Europe," he added.

The president noted that Europe and EU have become true synonyms of reforms, values, democracy and freedom. Now, we can assert unequivocally: Ukraine has changed radically and abandoned the Soviet and Russian empire forever. That is why European civilizational choice has become a sincere and conscious choice of the entire Ukrainian nation, he said.

"Our move to Europe is backed by an absolute majority of Ukrainians and this adds force to implement reforms. Europe and EU are recalled by every Ukrainian these days. And this holiday is truly nationwide," Poroshenko noted.

However, the President stressed that Ukrainians have to pay a high price for their choice. Poroshenko regretfully recalled yesterday's cruel shelling of civilians in Avdiyivka by pro-Russian militants. "Unfortunately, this is the price Ukrainians pay for Russian aggression, for our desire to be free," he emphasized.

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"In one front of solidarity, Ukrainians defend European values, freedom, democracy and our sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. Happy Europe Day, dignified European-Ukrainian people. Glory to Europe and glory to Ukraine," Poroshenko congratulated Ukrainians.

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The youth thanked the president, government, parliament, diplomatic corps and everyone who made an important historic decision that grants an opportunity for visa-free travel to Europe for Ukrainians come true. They are confident that it has become an adequate response to all skeptics and pessimists.