“NATO and European integration are priorities for Our Ukraine political force. We will write them on our banner and explain it to people” – the first deputy head of the Central executive committee Ihor Zhdanov said, according to Razom web site.

According to him, the foreign policy of our state has acquired a special importance when the MP went to Brussels and forgot about his signature under the National Unity Pact.

“Judging by his behavior, the MP does not understand that the NATO Membership Actions Plan means European living standards, salary, bourse and development of Ukraine on the whole. – Mr. Zhdanov emphasized. – Visit to Brussels has become the exam of Mr. Yanukovych that he has not passed”.

“The Our Ukraine party will fulfill Yushchenko’s promises and will not let the PM change the foreign policy of our state. The Our Ukraine party is going to launch a powerful information campaign to make every Ukrainian understand that NATO means European living standards instead of military actions as Mrs. Vitrenko claims” – Mr. Zhdanov noted.