Photo from UNIAN

"The distance from the point of aiming to the strike point was only about 17 meters, while the kill zone for such a missile stretches for 300 meters," he said.

"The main thing I’d like to say is that Ukrainian missiles hit right on target," said Turchynov.

He explained that one of the important tasks of the tests was to check the performance of the rocket's armament payload and the effectiveness of engaging conventional targets.

"I want to emphasize once again that the armament payload, as well as the rocket as a whole, was manufactured by Ukrainian enterprises," the NSDC secretary added. "Scientists, manufacturers, and military worked together as a single organism. This is a very important and high-quality result for Ukraine."

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"The implementation of these programs will ensure the creation of a powerful industrial base for the mass production of modern effective and powerful weapons and military equipment for the army, which will protect our country reliably," Turchynov added.

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