As of today, every third Ukrainian lacks means for food. These are the results of an all-Ukrainian telephone poll carried out by the Gorshenin Institute during February 24-28.

According to the results of the poll, some 35.2% of respondents described their situation as “hardly making both ends meet, sometimes there are not enough means for food”. Some 36.5% of Ukrainians have enough means for food but face difficulties with buying clothes and shoes. Some 22.9% can afford buying everything but valuables.

Some 3.2% of Ukrainians said they have no financial difficulties except for buying very expensive things. And only 1.1% of those polled said they have no financial difficulties at all.

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The poll was carried out in Kyiv during February 24-28. On the whole 1000 respondents aged over 18 years old, were polled. The error margin does not exceed 3.4%.