President criticizes Kyiv local authorities

18:12, 04 March 2009
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“It represents blatant violation which I will never accept...”

President Victor Yushchenko held a meeting today with Heads of Kyiv District Administrations and representatives from Kyiv City Administration, according to the President`s press-office.

At the meeting President Yushchenko criticized Kyiv local government saying that “the work of Kyiv authorities should serve as an example for the country; it is a pity that everything is quite the contrary”. According to him lately Kyiv has become a center for permanent social protests, political tension and conflicts in key fields such as budgetary policy, infrastructure or business.

“Kyiv Mayor himself has become a subject for constant mockery and the author of projects, which humiliate and anger the community. This results in fully natural protest. What do local authorities do in response to that? They organize rallies in support of one of the sides in conflict, thus carrying the situation to the point of absurdity”, - said Victor Yushchenko. At the same time the problems remain unresolved, he added.

Speaking of these problems President Yushchenko first of all pointed to misbalance in tariffs policy, particularly to tariffs’ economic groundlessness. “It represents blatant violation which I will never accept”, - he said, explaining his previous decrees stopping relevant decisions of Kyiv Administration.

Also Victor Yushchenko pointed to debts of Kyiv Administration before ‘Kyivenergo’ for the consumed gas amounting to 1,4 billion hryvnyas. “Either say farewell to the populism, or prepare to finance it. Payments for the gas and heating should come in on time. It is your duty”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

Beside that President Yushchenko pointed to lack of efforts from Kyiv local authorities aimed at supporting business in the circumstances of economic crisis, and expressed displeasure with transport policy in the city. “Social tensions in the city were increased in result of the decision to raise prices for public transportation”, - he reminded.

Also the President brought up the question of land legislation violation in Kyiv. “The city is being destroyed. The authorities ignore legislation in such sensitive fields as land distribution. I would like the Prosecutor General to investigate all the cases in that field”, - he said.

With regard to the fact that Kyiv 2009 Budget has not yet been approved, President Yushchenko urged Kyiv authorities to reach constructive dialogue with the Government and to speed up its elaboration.

The President suggested that all participants of the meeting present their detailed reports on each of the problematic questions.



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