President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is ready to put for the consideration of the parliament the whole package of draft laws, necessary for Ukraine to enter the World Trade Organization.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, journalists were told about this by deputy President’s Chief of Staff Arseniy Yatseniuk.

      According to him, the President cannot allow the reduction of Ukraine’s rating at international markets. The President “took the government’s side, and submits today the whole package of the legislation, necessary to enter WTO, and determines it as urgent”.

      He stressed that the package includes 16 draft laws, out of them three are already being considered by VR.

      The top deputy President’s Chief of Staff noted that, should this package be adopted in the first reading till the end of the week, and at the next plenary week – as a whole, then as early as on 27 October the working group will finish the process of forming the report for Ukraine’s joining WTO. In other words, this will mean that Ukraine will enter WTO as early as this year, A.Yatseniuk said.

      He forecasted that there will be no significant negative consequences from Ukraine’s joining WTO. A.Yatseniuk explained that the majority of negative consequences already happened, “because amendments into the Ukrainian customs tariff were introduced as early as two years ago”.

      A.Yatseniuk stressed that Ukraine’s joining WTO is advantageous for large-scale business. In addition, he stressed that the President wants that Ukraine stops being a permanent participant of anti-damping scandals.