Official Moscow has started preparations for withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet from Crimea.

 Leading specialist of Foreign Policy Institute of the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Oleksandr Paliy expressed this opinion in the interview to “Deutsche Welle”.

Particularly, according to his words, the Russian government allocated funds and began works on deepening the bottom of Novorossiysk bay as a place of new dislocation of the military ships.

O. Paliy believes that it is not profitable for Russia to let the Fleet stay in Crimea. According to his words, NATO’s representatives noted several times that the location of the Fleet will not harm integration of Ukraine into Alliance. At the same time after 2017 Kyiv may make demands on Ukrainian territory rent highly burdensome for the Russian state budget.

According to opinion of an expert, it is not necessary to take seriously the statement of Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Sergiy Mironov that the Russian Black Sea Fleet should stay n in Crimea after 2017.