Victor Yushchenko has attended a premiere presentation of a feature-length documentary film on one of the most dramatic periods in Ukraine’s history, the Holocaust, according to the President`s press-office.

      Created by the well-known Ukrainian documentary film maker Serhiy Bukovsky and co-produced by the three-time Oscar-winning film director Steven Spielberg and Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk, the film, Spell My Name, recounts the terrible events of the 1940s through the testimonies of eyewitnesses who survived the catastrophe.

      The President believes it is vital to promote greater awareness of the Holocaust as the deliberate extermination of millions of innocent people. He thinks Ukrainians, as well as the world community, must know the real history of that period to learn the lesson and never let it happen again.

      Serhiy Bukovsky and his assistants, three journalism students, interview the Jews who survived the tragedy and those who saved their lives despite the enormous danger.

      The executive producers and catalysts of the project, Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk, as well as Jewish leaders, prominent politicians and Holocaust survivors, attended the premiere.