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The Ukrainians' trophies are 25 medals, including 10 gold medals, seven silver and eight bronze ones.

Ukraine followed Russia with 63 medals, including 28 gold ones, Germany with 42 medals (18 gold ones), Italy with 42 medals (16), and France with 43 medals (14).

Ukraine's biggest medal harvest was in powerlifting competitions (three gold, two silver and two bronze medals) and Thai muaythai (three gold and one silver medals). Ukrainian athletes succeeded in sumo (one gold, one silver, one bronze medals), karate (one gold and one silver medals), trampoline jumping (one gold and one silver medals), and underwater sport (four bronze medals).

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Read alsoUkraine Paralympic athletes win record high number of medals in team historyOnly one Jiu-Jitsu medal, but it was a gold one, will go to Ukraine. Ukrainian "Spiderman" Daniil Boldyrev won the silver medal in climbing. The Ukrainian female duo became bronze winners in sport acrobatics.

It is worth noting that karate and rock climbing have already become part of the Olympic Games sporting competition and will be presented in Tokyo in 2020.

All Ukrainian champions of the 2017 World Games are Svitlana Trosyuk (sumo), Larysa Solovyova (weightlifting), Serhiy Bely (weightlifting), Oleksiy Rokochy (weightlifting), Stanislav Horuna (karate), Natalia Moskvina and Svitalna Malkova (trampoline jumping), Ihor Lyubchenko (Thai boxing), Serhiy Kulyaba (Thai boxing), Oleh Pryimachev (Thai boxing).

In addition, invitational sports were on the World Games program, but awards in them were not included in the Game's official register.

Ukraine won an unofficial rating in invitational sports with five gold and two bronze medals. Three gold and one bronze medal came in indoor rowing: Anton Bondarenko had the gold medal and Olena Elena Buryak got two gold medals. Champions of the Games – Orfan Sananzade and Vitaly Dubina – won two more gold medals and one bronze medal in kickboxing.

Our team included 80 athletes, who took part in 20 sports activities.

The World Games are the largest international non-Olympic competitions.

The event took place for the 10th time, from July 20 to July 30 July. The venue was Wroclaw, Poland.