Yushchenko making annual address about internal and external position of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada. Kyiv, March 31President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, in accordance with part 3, article 6 of law “On Struggle Against Corruption”, published information about incomes, securities and property which belong to his family and him.

According to the President’s Internet portal, the income statement will be published in Uryadovyi Kurier and Holos Ukrainy dailies on March 31.

According to the portal, last year the Ukrainian President’s revenue totalled UAH 1,041.060 thousand, including dividends, interests, royalty of UAH 549.040, and salary of UAH 492.020.

In 2008 the President did not receive any revenue from business and independent professional activity or from disposal of capital issues and corporate rights.

According to the report, last year V. Yushchenko’s family received income of UAH 549.320, including dividends, interests, royalty of UAH 93.355, and income from business and independent professional activity of UAH 455.965. The President’s statement also mentioned real assets, particularly sites of 131.385 square metres he owns and those of 1,633.5 square metres his family have. V. Yushchenko also reported that he has a house of 656.7 square metres and an apartment of 371.9 square metres, and his family have an apartment of 300 square metres.

It is said in the income statement that V. Yushchenko owns a ZAZ-965A car and a HARL.DAV motorcycle. Members of his family do not own any vehicles.