20 September 2017
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Police bust sex trafficker from Luhansk region

The law enforcement officers in Luhansk region have exposed a scheme of trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation in Russia, the press service of Luhansk region has reported.

It is established that a resident of Luhansk region lured local women with job offers only to traffic them to Russia for further sexual exploitation. In the case under investigation, the perpetrator, also a female, recruited three women, one of them a minor.

Rada ratifies Ukraine-EUROPOL cooperation deal"When attempting to transfer the above-mentioned persons to the Russian Federation, the perpetrator was detained by operatives of the anti human trafficking department of Luhansk PD under Article 208 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine," the report says.

Tags: Ukraine, humantrafficking, Luhansk, sexslavery, Russia, arrest, crime

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