Basic priorities, including social orientation, innovation-investment development direction, long-term programs and infrastructure projects are included into the 2007 state budget, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The draft project will be considered by the VR next Tuesday, Finance Minister Mykola Azarov told a press conference on October 26.

      A number of state programs are cut, let`s say 30 to 40 of them will remain, however, they will be provided will sufficient funds and will be efficient for several years.

      We still work toward fulfillment of the "School Busses" and the "Computer Classes" program

      The budget also envisages benefits for the public inutilities expenses in order for them not to exceed 15% of a family`s budget. The budgetary subvention to local budgets in this view will increase by 48% and will amount to 3391,3 M UAH.

      As many as 13,078,900,000 UAH will be provided for development of the agrarian sector in Ukraine.

      The 3 bn UAH stabilization fund will be re-divided. It was organized in view of possible increase of prices for gas, as the price wasn`t set. There is no need in this now, Mykola Azarov stressed.