Police in Ukraine have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of the murder of his nephew after a bizarre row over the use of the toilet in the apartment they shared, RIA Novosti reported.

The incident occurred after the man lost his job as a lathe operator in Sevastopol, Crimea, and went on an extended drinking binge, the kriminal.tv crime website reported on Tuesday, citing police.

The website said that the man`s drinking led to arguments with his sister and her 21-year-old son. Eventually, after rows over his failure to contribute to household expenses, the man was forbidden from using water, electricity and gas in the apartment.

When this had no effect, he was barred from using the toilet.

The man killed his nephew as he was sleeping, plunging a knife straight into his heart. The website said he then intended to kill his sister, but drank some vodka to calm his nerves and fell asleep. His sister woke to find him with the bloody knife still in his hands.

The man subsequently gave himself up to police. He has blamed the ongoing economic crisis in Ukraine for his actions, kriminal.tv reported.

RIA Novosti