President Victor Yushchenko met with Ambassadors of G-8 countries, Ambassadors of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic to Ukraine, representative of Slovak Embassy and representative of the European Commission, according to the President`s press-office.

At the meeting President Yushchenko explained to diplomats his vision of the development of political situation in Ukraine and informed them on the steps Ukraine is taking to stabilize economic situation.

Speaking about political situation in Ukraine President Yushchenko said that first of all it is important to renew functioning of the Verkhovna Rada, which is blocked by the opposition, claiming that having not yet yet presented the new Cabinet and candidature of Prime Minister for consideration of the parliament the coalition violates the Constitution.

“I have already addressed the Constitutional Court with the request to provide explanations in this regard”, - said Victor Yushchenko, urging however the deputies to resume their work before Constitutional Court makes the decision. He said that next week the Government plans to submit to the Verkhovna Rada such important documents as alterations to the State Budget, balancing Pensions Fund and ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ budget, which all require urgent attention of the deputies.

Making comments on the decision of the Verkhovna Rada scheduling presidential election on October 25, 2009 President Yushchenko repeated that it contradicts the Constitution. At the same time he said that he is still ready to discuss and support holding simultaneous early presidential and parliamentary elections.