An armed group clashed with police while trying to seize control of a public market in eastern Ukraine early Monday in what appeared to be an ownership dispute, regional police said, according to AP.

      Two police officers were injured, and some 90 people were arrested in an early morning attack on the Ozerka market in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, the regional Interior Ministry department said in a statement.

      The market, which is run by the state, was sold in a privatization deal in 2004 to a company called Regionoptservis, but the sale was later canceled due to alleged breaches, Ukraine`s Unian news agency reported.

      Police said that, around dawn Monday, a group of about 150 people arrived on buses to try to seize the market`s headquarters, using small explosives and air-powered guns. Special police forces were called in.

      Ten of the intruders were arrested at the market, and 80 others picked up later, police said.

      An investigation into who was behind the attack was under way.

      Ownership disputes in Ukriane sometimes lead to attacks in which armed groups are hired to seize control of a property or business.