Already in December the Government intends to propose the Parliament all WTO bills on Ukraine’s accedence for consideration. Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych disclosed this during briefing, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

      According to the Head of Government, the Cabinet of Ministers assumes full responsibility for Ukraine’s accedence to the WTO, therefore submission of the corresponding bills for the Parliament’s consideration is its direct obligation. Now the Government plans to consider the major portion of WTO bills if not all.

      During Parliamentary hearings concerning Ukraine’s accedence to the WTO, scheduled for October 31, the people’s deputies will get necessary information prepared by the Economics Ministry. During its discussion the people’s deputies, representatives of the political parties, foreign embassies and domestic commodity producers will have a chance to state their positions on this issue.

      “The Government aims at proposing the Parliament to consider all bills before the middle of December and will spare no effort to provide their adoption”, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.