21 September 2017
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Ukraine journos show life in Donetsk after 3 years of occupation (Video)

Ukrainian journalists have secretly made their way to the city of Donetsk and showed the life after three years of occupation.

Donetsk /
Donetsk /

It is possible to see cars without license plates. Taxi drivers say these cars are seized by militants. Self-styled leader of the so-called "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko has armored cars and armed mercenary guards. Ukrainian journalists showed video of his cortege.

Another Russian serviceman revealed fighting for "DPR" terroristsThe journalists have also carried out a "gourmet trip" in the occupied city. The stores sell Ukrainian products, but no one buys them. People just have no money. Russian products are cheaper, local residents say. At the same time, hackers have found Zakharchenko's millions in the so-called "Central Bank", and the former "ATB" supermarket chain was re-registered for his wife and was renamed the "Respublikanskiy" (Republican). In addition, the leader's family opened several stores called "Semerochka" (Seven).

Since the beginning of the curfew, which the "DPR" has not canceled, sounds of artillery can be heard in the city. The militants continue to shell the Ukrainian positions from the residential quarters of Donetsk in violation of all agreements.

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