Ukrainians began to prefer not Russian but native book production, Kommentarii weekly reads.

According to Ihor Stepuryn, head of Summit-Knyha distributor company, the structure of company’s sales indicates that the consumer prefers the Ukrainian book. In his opinion, it happens due to the fact that Russian publishers reduced their output and significantly increased prices.

“Such large publishing houses as Eksmo, AST, transfer the book into an elite product segment. At the same time, shops began to order more literature that sells. Thus, Russian literature is almost absent in sales ratings of book-trading networks (Empik, Book Supermarket)”, I.Stepuryn said.

Some Ukrainian publishers, questioned by Kommentarii, also confirmed that receipts from sales of books have increased over the last three months.

However, not all publishing houses and distributors felt the positive dynamics, but only those that broadened the range of their production. According to the information of the Ukrainian Association of Book Publishers and Distributors, there are nearly 15% of such publishing houses. Another 25% of Ukrainian publishing houses managed to keep their circulation and range at the pre-crisis level.