In the current MY, the agrarian sector of Ukraine faced the serious problems in the terms of the world and regional financial and economic crisis, but despite several objective and subjective reasons, the sector continues to show rather positive dynamics. Winter crops sowing area for crop-2009 (wheat, barley, rapeseed, rye) totaled 8.25 mln ha, up 3.5% compared to the previous year results, APK-Inform reported.

The current sowing campaign also demonstrated an essential rise of sowing rates compared to the previous year – as of April 17, agrarians sowed spring grains and legumes throughout 4.6 mln ha, an increase of 300 thsd ha compared to the same date of 2008. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine plans that spring sowing areas in 2009 will total 7.7 mln ha, up 200 thsd ha compared to 2008.

Actually, Ukraine is one of the traditional grain producers, which does not reduce agricultural products output in the terms of the world recession processes, and even increases them, in 2009/10 MY the country will be able to offer to importers nearly 20 mln tons of grains and legumes.