President Victor Yushchenko met with Mr Drago Kos, President of the Group of States against Corruption, according to the President`s press-office.

“We highly appreciate the things you do. Ukraine needs your constant support”, - said Victor Yushchenko at the meeting. He suggested considering sending a representative from the GRECO to Ukraine, who would work in our country on the permanent basis.

Victor Yushchenko expressed pity that current political system in Ukraine affects proper realization of GRECO recommendations. He explained that despite the fact that almost all legislative acts within the framework of these recommendations have already been elaborated and went through first reading in the parliament, it is unlikely that the Verkhovna Rada under current circumstances would soon return to discussing them. As an example of deputies’ unwillingness to effectively fight corruption in Ukraine President Yushchenko named the fact that they still have not abolished deputy’s unlimited immunity that often open way to corruption.

President Yushchenko complimented Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for its activity in organization of corruption fighting work but said that other authorities need “serious technical support” from the GRECO. “We must transform the system and instruments of fighting corruption and coordination procedure; we need more powerful international support and implementation of more joint public projects”, - he said.